Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Memory of Summer

Filippa and Sander snuggling up together after taking a walk in the rain. Filippa is 2 years old and Sander barely 3 months. How cute is this? :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Photo-session in shedding time

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Leia is growing

This is the view from our house on the island where we are spending out summer, It's almost unearly beautiful.

Leia is growing like a weed, and has got a new friend! I've been terrible at keeping the blog updated, I'll try to do better - promise =)

Anyway, we have extended out family with Filippa (or Lippa for short) who is an 19 month old Lhasa girl who has been in a puppy cut that is now growing out which makes her look a bit like a punk, just watch:

Leia and Lippa are the best of friends, and life on the island is Nirvana to them - and to us. Updates from leia will follow =)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Me iz a Diiiirty B-atch!

- an I iz so 'appy 'bout it!

I iz zooo happy! I had a bath yesterday. Usually SCARY man! Bet yezterday, mummy held me under my tummy in the bath and I realised, I can ZWIM!

So today we wentzed to the forrezt. Were there a long long time. FUN FUN! And mum was so happy wiz me yesterday after my bath, zaid I wuz such a PRETTY girl, zoooo I thought I'd make her happy again and have another bath!

She wuz not at all so happy as she SHUDD have been! I even chose a better water than she did and EVERYTHING. Hers had this funny zmell - chemical like - but the water *I* choozez is zmelling like it should. Mudz and ztuff, much better for hiding doggiezmell from prey.

Zoooo. Why wuz she upset? I iz CONFUSED! She iz STRANGE!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Zzzooo. I wentz to the "vet" wiz mum 2day.

My bestest friend Naaah-Lah! wuz dere, but I only got to see her for a very very short time before I wuz put in a room and met a hoomanz wiz a white coat who stuck zumting really SHARP into my neck! STRAAANGE!

I hurted, so I cried a bit - but mum and Naaah-Lah!'s hooman Annika game me - like - a WHOLE meatball. I luvz meatballs!

Now I feelz a bit tired though. Must have been de ztrezz of da needle. Stooopid mum to take me to needlez-hooman!

Sunday, April 19, 2009



- one of ze (stooopid) catz split itself up in many parts yesterday, one big and 1-2-3 small ones, real Strange!

It was like when I do big-bizniz, but the bizniz was making sounds and moving, and Mommy ´n Daddy were re-aaaaly happy ´bout the small "turds".

I guess thats why the call them shitt-enz, oh somethang like zat - but still real Strange!

Anywho, I did show them I can too, so I made a re-aaaaaaly Big-Bizniz on the mat just outside the big den next to Mom´s n Dad´s - so now they know I can 2 - yeah!!

OkiDaaah - time to go ´n play wiz Naaah-laaah; my funny play-pal - when she duzzent "herd" me

/Leiii - Ah!


Another handy thing with spending time in the park with Annikas dogs is that I can relax my vigil of Leia. If she runs off too far, Annikas herder-mix Naala will bring her back. Just watch =)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Leia gets wet

Video - time

In the park with her new pack - Annikas' dogs.